Happy Life, Happy…


How do you finish the above? I am sure you have heard it as Happy Life, Happy Wife, right??? Well, today I would like to talk about happiness. What is it that makes us happy? As a Whiskey Lovers Wife, I can tell you that it is not the actual WHISKEY that makes my husband happy (although it certainly does help!) For him, it is all that goes into the making, tasting, and drinking of the whiskey. I have learned it is quite complicated to explain why this makes him so happy, but it does.

Now, here is where I get to tell you that when my husband is happy, I AM HAPPY. But, I am pretty positive that he would say that when I am happy, HE IS HAPPY. Marriage- it’s a giving and sharing and giving back. I might venture out to say that since my husband has become a WHISKEY LOVER, it has strengthened our marriage!

I explained in my first post that I am truly a wine girl. I love wine. However, I have started to really appreciate tasting whiskey. Why? Because it is something I have learned while spending time with my husband. Because I already have knowledge of how different alcohols are made/produced (once upon a time, I was the valedictorian of my Seattle Bartending Academy class of a long time ago and bar tended for a short time in college, but to hear the rest of this story, you’d have to have drinks with us first!), therefore able to have a better understanding of terms my husband talks about, thus creating more avenues of conversations for us. As a married couple who both work full time in education, have two kids, and very busy lives, sometimes it’s hard to just find the time to sit and enjoy a quiet conversation with one another. Whiskey, though, as provided this.whiskey

As a couple, we have gone to distilleries together, we have done a little weekend vacation where the kids stayed with the grandparents while we enjoyed a couple days exploring and learning about new distilleries and types of whiskeys. And as a family, we have a few more day trips around our beautiful state and now this summer we will take a family trip to Scotland! So you see, whiskey really is a tool that is creating memorable experiences for our whole family.  (Watch for a blog in two weeks that discusses smart parenting practices to teach and demonstrate responsible alcohol consumption and use. I will be sharing exactly what are boys perspective is on all this.) 

My husband is happy. He has found a hobby he is passionate about. And more than that, it is something he feels capable about, knowledgeable, and able to share with others. And that is important. In the past, he picked up beer brewing and wood-crafting as hobbies, and while he did well, (and we acquired lots of equipment so he can always go back to those things, and at times he tinkers with them still. It’s good to know how to do a variety of things!), the fact of the matter is, he was missing something. I think it was the feeling of being able to involve others. I never helped him make beer, and my role with wood-working was to pretty it up after something was created. But it wasn’t done TOGETHER. sunshinewhiskeyHe needed me to really know the details about HIM. (To read about that, please go here!) With whiskey, my husband is able to share himself- his excitement, passion, know-how- with me and create opportunities for closeness.

Happy Life, Happy. Period. 

To learn more about building strong marriages, check out StacieStoneyCoaching.com. No, whiskey drinking will not be encouraged, but learning what your are passionate about and how to work together as a team and learn from one another will be the focus! After all, that is where The Whiskey Lovers Wife really is coming from!




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