About the Whiskey Lovers Wife

Hi there! I’m Stacie and I am The Whiskey Lovers Wife!


Who is the Whiskey Lover, you ask? His name is Josh. Follow his blog here! 

Josh and I have been married for TEN YEARS in June! Whoa! Crazy! We have two beautiful sons, Luke (from a previous marriage) and Lane. And we have a Red Bone Coonhound named Jebadiah Johnsey. Jeb’s name (and actually just getting a family dog which Josh insisted upon this breed!) came from a time when Josh was very into the History Channel’s mini-series “The Hatfield’s and McCoy’s.” I am pretty sure Josh was supposed to be born in Kentucky. We are, however, Pacific Northwest born and raised!

When I am not being The Whiskey Lover’s Wife, I am a full-time middle school Fitness teacher, the high school varsity cheer coach, and I own my own life coaching business called StacieStoneyCoaching. (Check out my website!) My sons are my pride and joy and I encourage them to do whatever they are into. For Luke it is piano, fiddle, and upright bass. And trains. For Lane it is ballet. And Minecraft.

And then there is my husband. He is a small town Jr. High/High School Principal who has found his passion in whiskey tastings. No, he does not want to distill. He wants to know everything there is about the flavors, the grains, the way it was distilled, the background of every whiskey he comes across so he can teach others about the beauty of each one. Where this will lead in the future? Only God knows. So for now, I share with you the journey of being The Whiskey Lovers Wife! Follow me and enjoy!


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