Running and Whiskey Weekend Warriors


Once upon a time (let’s say it was 5 years ago), there was this beautiful Queen, (let’s call her Stacie), who one day was angry with her husband (let’s just, for the sake of this story, call him Josh!) so she went outside for a run. This beautiful, amazing Queen actually wasn’t much of a runner, even though she was a PE teacher, (yeah, yeah, I KNOW!!!), but after running her angry off, which really only took about two miles or so, she realized, “Huh, that was actually not so bad!” And thus, this mild like for running began.

Fast forward two years (that would be THREE years ago, if you want to keep track!), and the totally motivated mommy, wife, QUEEN learned about a cool sounding race in Seattle called the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Run. And truly, if you really want to know the truth, it was the Goodie Bag of an awesome looking sweatshirt and tons of chocolate fondue that really enticed the Queen! But sadly, that year she was already committed to something else on the same date as the run. The next year, same thing! This run was still calling to her…so in October 2016, the super smart and ever-so-budget savvy Queen signed up for this Hot Chocolate 5k/15k race, knowing that there would be nothing on the calendar yet for March 5, 2017 AND hey, it was a discounted price since she was signing up for the early bird special! So…what does that have to do with The Whiskey Lovers Wife???? Well, keep your Nike’s on, we are getting there!

So, with the run approaching, this thoughtful Queen decided it would be a marvelous idea to invite her family (the King and her two Prince Charming sons!) to join her on a weekend adventure to Seattle. Also, the two young Princes both have birthdays in March, so it would be a great way to spend some family time and do an early mini-celebration. PLUS, the King really wanted to go to the Copperworks Distillery, since the last time the King and Queen went on a distillery tour, we (I mean them, the King and Queen), couldn’t quite figure out what the GPS was trying to navigate so they gave up and headed to Woodinville! (After visiting Westland Distillery, Letterpress Distillery, and 2-Bar in downtown Seattle!)

The weather in Seattle was perfect for our quest. The rain held out, it wasn’t too cold, and there was plenty to see and do for the two Prince Charming’s, like ride the monorail, check out Pike’s Place Market, get grossed out by the gum wall, and eat at Ivarsgumwallpikesplace

The King was beyond over-joyed to find the CopperWorks Distillery. To read his review and experience on CopperWorks, please check out his blog today at The Whiskey Lover! copperworksIt is really an enjoyable piece to read, chock full of a thorough description of his tasting and thoughts. And THAT, my darling readers, is how whiskey is relevant to a weekend of running! But wait! I’m not down with the story yet! You see, while the Queen (or, yep, you’ve guessed it, ME, the WHISKEY LOVER’S WIFE!) was really gearing up to run in the Hot Chocolate race, there was always the thought of whiskey and family time! If you can kill two birds with one stone, why wouldn’t you? (seriously, I wish there were a different idiom I could use. I feel REALLY bad for thinking about killing birds…unless they are crows, because they creep me out.)

The Hot Chocolate 5k/15k Run was a lot of fun, and I felt pretty good about my time. Despite being sick with a head cold and having had a pulled calve muscle the past week, I ran the 5k in 39.12 minutes.

Just over 12 minutes a mile, especially when I didn’t have the forethought to train for hills or inclines…sure, I’ll take it! I’d have to say, all in all, we had a pretty great weekend. And now my hubby has some  CopperWorks single malt whiskey to sip on, I have a kick-a…um, butt new sweatshirt that proves I ran today, AND the boys got tons of candy when boarding the monorail for the return trip to the Seattle Center and TONS of new memories were made! And isn’t that what it’s all about?!

***Side note, the Queen was really looking forward to going up into the Ivory Tower (The Space Needle) as she had promised the Prince Charming’s they would embark upon that landmark this time in the land of Seattle. However, the youngest dear Prince succumbed to his fear of heights and dare I say, FREAKED OUT, so with the great motto of “all for one and one for all”, this entire royal family opted to move past it. Maybe next time…


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